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How to Identify a First Edition Book

Positively identifying first editions from later editions in the shortest possible time greatly increases the enjoyment and satisfaction of book collecting. Dealers rely on experience and reference books to identify valuable first editions. What follows is an overview of how to determine whether the book you have is a 1st edition. Keep in mind that there are many exceptions to the brief examples below. A book's value is subjective and open to opinion, but this introduction should give you a start down the right path.....

What is a First Edition?

The first commercial print run of the book is the first edition, first printing. It's that simple. If for any reason there aren't enough books in that run, and another batch is printed, they will still be first edition books, but second printing - and nowhere near as collectable .....(read more)

How Much is my Book Worth?

One of the most frequently asked questions of rare book dealers is "How much is my old book worth?"

First things first ....  What factors contribute to the value of a collectible book? Two things ... #1 is Desire and #2 is Condition ... (read more)

What is an ISBN?

An ISBN (or International Standard Book Number) is a unique 10 or 13 digit number printed on every new book starting around 1970. Every book sold anywhere in the world should have a unique ISBN, meaning you can find any book in the world simply with that one number ... (read more)

Reference Works on Bookselling

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